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Glass shock rally to maintain low volatility

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The continuous hot weather not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also makes the doors and windows some "can't stand". 11 pm, located in the city of Dalian Huayuankou Economic Zone Ming Yang Street in a barber shop in a glass door suddenly blew. "The whole glass was stabbed and stabbed, and it broke apart quickly and quickly became a spider's web."......" What the hell is that all about? Industry analysts said, the glass blew associated with force, temperature, advised the public in the purchase of toughened glass, glass products should choose a 3C logo.

The glass door of the barber shop burst for no reason

On the day of the incident, Gu lady is barber shop dyeing hair, the store has been closed doors, open air conditioning, indoor and outdoor temperature is completely a two day. At that time, Ms. Gu sat on the location of the door, suddenly she heard a weird sound, look around to find the sound source from the glass door barber. "The first time I met this kind of situation, I saw a fan piece of glass door, suddenly into a spider web, so to break up but I It is without rhyme or reason., evacuated in time, glass debris no splash, or trouble." Ms. Gu said, the presence of personnel do not understand, good tempered glass, and no one touched it, how can it be like this?

It is understood that the store opened less than two years, considering the lighting, beautiful and durable, just opened when the installation of toughened glass door. In order not to affect the business, the barber shop owner to find a fitting glass master, "said the master installation in the summer, this is a common situation, the last two months, he has received three calls, asking him to install the glass, and the glass burst." Ms. Gu said. As for why the glass can explode, on-site installation of glass master did not do much to explain.

The glass blew associated with external force and temperature

The weather is hot, the glass burst suddenly increased the news: Zhejiang is a 19 year old girl was working under the upstairs burst hit by glass legs facing amputation; Shanghai Putuo District Great Wall Building 29 layer glass curtain wall suddenly burst, countless pieces of glass from falling under the building, passers-by have to run for it, but fortunately no casualties...... So, why the glass blew? In the summer, businesses are using glass door face to the low temperature side facing the hot indoor, outdoor, large glass temperature, if their own injuries, coupled with the external force, can easily lead to glass explode." Yesterday, the reporter contacted the post - salt building materials, ceramics market, long-term operations of a toughened glass products store professionals, Mr. yu.

The people said: "high temperature, large piece of tempered glass explode there is a normal phenomenon, compared with ordinary glass, toughened glass broken slag on the ground damage is much smaller. Even chipped, tempered glass does not form sharp glass slag, but the formation of non acute, honeycomb glass fragments, less harm to people."

Moderate room temperature can reduce the bursting of glass products

In fact, toughened glass is a suicide rate, it is understood that the provisions of the state, tempered glass explode rate was 3 per thousand. Tempered glass explosion can not be avoided, but some methods can be used to avoid hurting people and property at the time of explosion. For example, to find professional companies put glass on a layer of film, the public in the purchase of glass products, should choose a factory name, site and quality 3C certification of qualified products, and keep the purchase invoice. Here remind consumers, regardless of the use of glass products, should try to maintain moderate room temperature, in order to avoid glass products inside and outside the temperature difference is too large, burst and lead to injury.

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